Closest sushi restaurants to Boerne

Boerne won’t be passing as Little Japan any time soon, but that hardly means the city lacks quality food whose recipes and methods (and sometimes ingredients) come from far away. Sushi is among the most popular ‘imported’ dishes of all time – despite the fact that it’s an acquired taste, countless Americans spend many free evenings scouring their cities for the best sushi places.

If you happen to rank among these individuals, here’s a list to help you save energy – the best sushi restaurants closest to Boerne.

Sushi near Boerne

Osaka Japanese Steak & Sushi in Helotes: Steak isn’t anyone’s idea of a Japanese dish, but these guys still prepare some of the meanest steaks in the entire county. Of course, there’s also the sushi – while some might not call it world-class, it’s still worth checking out if you’re a lover of the fish and enjoy tasting it in all its delicious iterations. As you might expect from a Japanese restaurant, Osaka is a no-nonsense place that focuses on serving a wide assortment of fine Japanese dishes to customers no matter the size of their group (this also makes Osaka great for events and gatherings that center around some good chow).

Posh Sushi in San Antonio: If you managed to pronounce Posh Sushi from the get-go, be sure to ask about getting a dish on the house. You probably won’t get one, however, as Posh Sushi is one of the ‘poshest’ seafood restaurants near Boerne – the location isn’t much to look at, but the food is easy on both the eyes and the taste buds. Unlike some Japanese or seafood restaurants that try to do it all, Posh specializes in offering a wide variety of sushi blends and styles that will reintroduce veterans and win over first-timers on any given night.

Sake Cafe in San Antonio: We mentioned that some Japanese restaurants don’t specialize in serving just sushi – well, Sake Cafe does it all and does it well. From a splendid seafood menu masterfully prepared by the franchise’s renowned chefs to some of the more ‘familiar’ menu items like chicken, Sake Cafe will get you full at a fairly reasonable price. Oh, and there’s also the eponymous sake to sip on in a calm and relaxing environment that was clearly designed with some forethought.

Bourbon Street Seafood Kitchen: Another one of San Antonio’s great seafood restaurants, Seafood Kitchen has more going for it than its relative proximity to Boerne: a terrific menu to choose from that will have something to everyone’s liking. Great as it is, their menu doesn’t boast the biggest variety of seafood – most of the dishes are either salad-based or involve shrimp in some capacity. But really, how can you say no to a place that serves fried alligator? That ‘dish’ alone is worth making the trip, for bragging rights if nothing else. Besides, the Kitchen’s food is cheap and good-tasting even on the slowest night – while the restaurant’s interior isn’t likely to dazzle you, the quality of the food relative to its price might just.