Best sushi restaurants in San Antonio

It almost seems like sushi restaurants in San Antonio are becoming a thing: didn’t you once have to struggle to get some exotic seafood in the belly?

As it always is, however, the more sushi restaurants pop up, the harder it can be to find some quality chow. With a city as large as San Antonio, going through all the available food-serving joints to find a good one would simply be too time-consuming – instead, have a look through this list and see if you can find a sushi restaurant that will act as a home away from home.

Best Sushi Restaurants in San Antonio

Hon Machi Sushi & Teppanyaki: No, the word after ‘sushi’ isn’t there just to make the restaurant seem more exotic – it’s another specialty of the house, and a delicious one at that. While the name might sound convoluted, Hon Machi is more or less your typical quality Japanese restaurant: a cozy atmosphere, a large menu and chefs who know what they’re doing. None of the sushi made at Hon Machi is rushed even when the restaurant operates at maximum capacity – instead, care and attention go into each of their dishes in order to serve them at their best. Plus, if you can make it to the spot during happy hour, you’ll enjoy some of the city’s finest exotic food at dirt-cheap prices.

Yummi Sushi Japanese Restaurant & Bar: Seeing Yummi Sushi’s modest exterior before witnessing the stylish interior and all the exquisite seafood it offers might have you believing that the place is purposefully hidden from sight. In reality, it’s more likely a case of the owners not being to get a better business location for a great restaurant – the best way to show them that you don’t judge a book by its cover is to go all-out on the menu and treat yourself to a seafood buffet for the ages (or you could have the food delivered to your doorstep, since Yummi is one of the very few sushi deliveries in the city).

Sushi Express: Fortunately for our palates, the owners of Sushi Express weren’t too concerned about overreaching by combining the familiar Japanese cuisine with some of the less-common Korean delights. The results are nothing short of epic: a unique Asian restaurant that offers San Antonio’s residents and visitors the chance to taste some of the top Oriental food in the country. While the pricing might not be comparable to that of a cheap restaurant, you were never likely to get your hands on food this good without paying a little extra.

Nama Ramen: If you’re looking for quality Japanese food, you can’t go wrong with a place that has ‘ramen’ in its name, right? Nama Ramen doesn’t try to be extravagant in appearance or overbearing in service – they focus on delivering superb Japanese delicacies instead. Aside from many different types of sushi and ramen, you’ll also get to sample some fresh duck alongside specialty broth – while it’s not the biggest or most complex Asian menu in the city, the food is made well-enough to have you coming back plenty of times in the future.